Wake up! Wake Up! Wake Up! (wag, wag, pant, pant)

Oh, you’re up! Good. Hello humans.

Today marks the official kickoff of Book Week! I know, I’m excited too. I’m only into my second paragraph and I’ve already used 5 exclamation points. No biggie. I’m enthusiastic! (six)

To help navigate you through this week I had originally assembled articles of clothing belonging to humans relative to Book Week. Then my editor reminded me that your noses do not work as well as our noses and I scratched that idea off my belly. Oops, I mean, I scratched that idea off my list and scratched an annoying itch off my belly. Not one to be detoured, I devised a second plan; a checklist.

Below you find everything you need to get you started on your Book Week journey. I call it ‘LB Enzo’s Book Week Checklist’ (I know, I have a way with titles) Humans… Start your engines!!

LB Enzo’s Book Week Checklist:

  1. Read The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.  My suggestion? Check it out from the library and then buy it from your local bookstore. I always say about books ‘You fall in love at the library and get married at the bookstore.’
  2. Buy your tickets for the marquee event: Garth Stein at the Carpenter Center. You can purchase them by calling (562) 985-7000 or by visiting https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pe/9736160
  3. Start your Geocaching! Find out all you need to know here.
  4. Check out all our events here.
  5. Go outside and run around in the yard. (oops, that one was a reminder for myself)
  6. Check back here for fun updates.
  7. Take a nap because you’re so exhausted from all the running around and excitement.

Nature calls – and that’s a call I always answer on the first ring!

LB Enzo

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Garth Stein at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center

Hello humans,

This a quick reminder to purchase your tickets for ‘An Evening with Garth Stein at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center.’

The event is Tuesday, March 19th at 7:00 p.m. and it not only has the greatest master in the world speaking about yours truly (I’m sure) but the Long Beach Polytechnic High School Symphony Orchestra, directed by Andy Osman, will also debut an original score, “The Art of Racing in the Rain”, composed by Sean O’Loughlin for the Long Beach Polytechnic High School Symphony Orchestra specifically for this 2013 Long Beach Reads One Book event.

Tickets are $30.00 and can be purchased here or by calling (562) 985-7000.

That’s all for now humans,

LB Enzo

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Geocache me if you can…

And we’re off! Humans start your engines because Geocaching has officially started! Of course as a dog I have great experience in the art of treasure-seeking. But you may need some help getting started.

1. Visit the Foundation page for an explanation of Geocaching.

2. Once you’re an expert, or novice, grab your GPS navigation device or download the Geocaching app for your smart phone.

3. Now you’re ready for the Enzo Cache links:

Enzo1: Bark Twice for Yes http://coord.info/GC46TMF

Enzo2: Dogs Like Books http://coord.info/GC46TP3

Enzo3: Where Does a Dog Go? http://coord.info/GC45YB0

Enzo4: Dogs Are Cool http://coord.info/GC45YJ5

Enzo5: Racing in the Rain http://coord.info/GC45YJC

Enzo6: Start Finish Cache http://coord.info/GC11110


Don’t forget to enter the Enzo Geocaching Super Challenge:

(1) Find Enzo Geocaches #1-6.

(2) Sign the log in the geocache – and also online once you get home.

(3) Pick up a piece of “treasure” from each one.

(4) Send an email todi.laplume.geocaching@gmail.com. In it, list the six pieces of treasure, and include your first and last name. You MUST include all six items.

One entry per person. All valid entries will be entered in a random drawing for a super fabulous Enzo prize!!! Deadline to enter: April 1, 2013, 11:59 p.m.

And if you get super stumped, call (877) 233-6722 and our resident geocacher will help you out.

Alright humans, say it with me – nature calls and that’s a call I answer on the first ring. 

LB Enzo

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Bark in the Park!

Hello humans,

I was out on a walk the other morning and as I was politely escorting a cat to her front door I happened upon this flyer:

Bark Twice Event Flyer

Can you believe all the exciting activities they have planned? Doesn’t the ‘My dog looks like me’ contest sound like a bark?  I’d have said ‘sound like a hoot’ but I had a terrible experience with an owl once and it has forever traumatized me.

Did you notice that there will be a grilled cheese food truck there? A grilled cheese food truck! A grilled cheese food truck!

Okay, I got really excited just now and lost my cool. I apologize. I’m going to go curl up and ponder the existence of an infinity bone.

Until next time,

LB Enzo

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Proof! We aren’t just after the table scraps…

Hello humans,

Today I’m excited to share with you an exciting event that will finally prove to humans everywhere that everything we do as dogs serves a purpose. It’s an event that includes world-renowned experts speaking about the Human-Animal bond.

I haven’t yet, been asked to speak, and so before the event I figured I should brush up on my talking points:

  • Dogs are your personal nutritionist: If your dog stares at you while you’re eating your dinner, it’s not that he would like table scraps. It’s simply that he is reminding you of your diet.
  • Dogs are your fitness guru: If your dog refuses to return the stick or ball and instead drops it where he stands, this does not mean ‘he doesn’t really get fetch’, it means he remembers you promising yourself to get about 30 minutes of exercise a day. It’s better if you fetch the stick, see?
  • Dogs are your therapist: When you come home after having a bad day and are crying on the couch and pouring your heart out to us – guess how much we cost? Zero. That same hour at a Long Beach therapist? $175.00. And, we’ll never interrupt when the hour is over. Unless nature calls – we always have to take that call.
  • Dogs are your personal Match.com: You know what’s better than writing essays and going on awkward first dates? Dog Parks! Enough said.

Hmm. My agent – a Papillon originally from New York, whose bark is so tough it doesn’t require a bite – has just informed me that only true experts are talking. Okay, okay. I get it. Leave it to the expert panel. That’s fine, now I’ll be able to roam around the event picking up scraps of appetizers – I mean, reminding people about their diets. Okay, also my agent just informed me that the event is closed to animals. Better that way, it’s embarrassing to be around when people are boasting about your species!

The event, sponsored by Veterinarian Greg Perrault, is on Saturday, March 16th from 4:00-7:00pm at Cat’s & Dogs Animal Hospital, 627 Redondo Ave., Long Beach Ca 90814. Appetizers will be served. Please leave pets at home.


Mona Rosenberg DVM – owner, CEO and Chief of Staff at Veterinary Cancer Group

Wayne Jensen DVM, PhD, MBA – Chief Scientific Officer at Morris Animal Foundation

The event will also be honoring Justin Rudd for his commitment to the Human-Animal Bond and how he has enriched our lives in Long Beach.

See details for event here.

Limited seating. RSVP to LBReadsOne@gmail.com or (310) 507-4702

That’s all for today humans. Nature calls and that’s a call I’ll always have to answer on the first ring.

LB Enzo


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The Morning Paper

Hello humans,

Is it not the greatest pleasure in the world to wake up to a fresh pot of water and the morning paper?

Of course, this morning was extra special because the paper has more significance.

As you all know, Book Week is coming up, and word at the dog park has been that a special insert all about it would be coming soon – published of course by the Gazettes. Thankfully today was the day!

I’m so excited to share with you this insert that contains all of the information you’ve been seeking. I’ve attached it as a PDF, but there are plenty of places around Long Beach where you can get your own. Beginning on Tuesday, me and my army of volunteers will be blanketing the city with copies of the paper – so be sure to check your library, coffee shop and pet store.

To enjoy the paper, as I have, please click HERE.

That’s all for now,


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A PSA is a stepping stone to stardom!

Hello humans,

As you are now well aware, I am a star on the rise. Recently Mayor Bob Foster sat down to talk about The Art of Racing in the Rain. Check out this fun PSA and share it with your friends!

The Art of Racing in the Rain PSA 

That’s all for now!

LB Enzo

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