Geocache me if you can…

And we’re off! Humans start your engines because Geocaching has officially started! Of course as a dog I have great experience in the art of treasure-seeking. But you may need some help getting started.

1. Visit the Foundation page for an explanation of Geocaching.

2. Once you’re an expert, or novice, grab your GPS navigation device or download the Geocaching app for your smart phone.

3. Now you’re ready for the Enzo Cache links:

Enzo1: Bark Twice for Yes

Enzo2: Dogs Like Books

Enzo3: Where Does a Dog Go?

Enzo4: Dogs Are Cool

Enzo5: Racing in the Rain

Enzo6: Start Finish Cache


Don’t forget to enter the Enzo Geocaching Super Challenge:

(1) Find Enzo Geocaches #1-6.

(2) Sign the log in the geocache – and also online once you get home.

(3) Pick up a piece of “treasure” from each one.

(4) Send an email In it, list the six pieces of treasure, and include your first and last name. You MUST include all six items.

One entry per person. All valid entries will be entered in a random drawing for a super fabulous Enzo prize!!! Deadline to enter: April 1, 2013, 11:59 p.m.

And if you get super stumped, call (877) 233-6722 and our resident geocacher will help you out.

Alright humans, say it with me – nature calls and that’s a call I answer on the first ring. 

LB Enzo

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